Friday, July 23, 2010

Where have I been?

Okay, so I realize that it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have blogged on here and I know it is something that I need to do. 

So, where have I been? 

I have been living through the first twelve nausiating weeks of pregnancy.  This for me has been kind of crazy.  This is my fourth child.  I have always wanted four children so this is not a problem.  The problem for me is that this pregnancy wasn't planned by me.  Obviously, this is God's plan, and I am okay with that, now.  For the first month or so, I was definetly in denial.  I knew within just days that I was pregnant but had to wait for my missed period to be sure and even then, I was still in denial.  I was throwing up and still in denial.  I had a positive test (very light but positive no less) and I was still in denial. 

The main reason I think I was having such a hard time digesting this very exciting news was simply that our house isn't finished.  We have only two finished bedrooms in our home,  I already have three kids...  The girls share a room and the little guy (15 months) sleeps in a playpen in our room.  I keep saying that we need to give him a bed in the girls' room but it hasn't actually happened.  I really need to make this happen and soon.  I don't want him to feel like the baby (when he or she comes) is taking his bed.

There are plans underway to finish our upstairs and make a couple more bedrooms up there but it all takes time and money.  Neither of these are extremely plentiful for us right now.  Most likely, this will happen next summer, until then, we will live.  I know that there are plenty of families that have much less then we do and they live happily together, thanking God for what they do have.  So for know, I need to focus on just that, Thanking God for ALL of our blessings.

Lord, Thank you for my husband who works so hard that I am able to stay home with our beauftiful children.  Thank you for the three children that I hold everyday and for the baby growning in my belly.  Thank you for our home that protects us from this terrible heat.  Thank you for our land and the crops that grow on it.  Thank you for our animals and the happiness they provide.   Thank you for our extended family and friends, church family and a wonderful place to worship.  And thank you most of all  for sending your Son Jesus.  In his name I pray.  Amen