Monday, April 5, 2010


All right, so, I made a plan at the begining of the year to actually blog weekly and I obviously have not done that.  I am now motivated to get back to it.  My life has not been all that interesting the last few months anyway.

  I did go visit my sister and her family, thanks to my friend Holly.  That is one thing I can check off my list from the beginning of the year. 
We also have a much larger bank account thanks to a nice bonus that my husband earned at work. 

  I have been spending extra alone time with my husband also thanks to his work.  So far this year, they have sent us to a hotel in Bloomington overnight and on a weekend getaway to Iowa where we took in a Larry the Cable Guy show.  It is so great to be able to have that time reconnecting with my husband simply as Norvin and Leslii, not neccesarily as "Mom and Dad".  I love my husband!

I have not been perfect about calling my Grandma.  I have called a few times and what is even better is that I have made sure that each time I have been in town, I have made sure to stop in and see her.  As a matter of fact, we went to see her last night.  We did have to cut the visit short though, it was Bingo night!  :o)

Although to look at my house, you can't hardly see it, I have been purging.  Last week I took 7 bags of clothes to be donated.  I need to get rid of even more junk though.  I have made a plan with a good frined of mine to start watching Levi one day every other week so that I can get things done with out interupttions.  With it getting nice outside, I have lots of projects inside and out that need to get done!

Well, that is my blog for this week.  Hopefully I will get back on here again soon.

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angiejean said...

I'm excited for you! Springtime seems to give each of us motivation to take action. I hope your action-plan goes great!! We can inspire each other!